ETI's Portable Maintenance Shelters for Vehicle Repair in the Field!
TXL-60 Shelter with Closable Eye-lid garage doorTMG equipped with hydrolic lifts to allow for advanced vehicle maintenance 16 ft' tall shelters are big enough for even very tall vehicles Shelters are large enough to even accomodate some aircraftWithout the lifts, shelters can accomodate several vehicles side by side

Tactical ShelterTactical Maintenance Garageā„¢ (TMG)

These large scale rapidly-deployable soft-walled shelters make the perfect maintenance structure at remote outposts and quickly erected command centers. When equipped with ETI's tactical solar panels to provide off-grid power at various DC & AC output voltages.

  • This solar power can be used for a "garage" in the shelter, powering items such as:
  • Air Compressors
  • Hydrolic Lifts
  • Heaters
  • Lighting, etc.
Units are integrated into self-contained enclosures providing easy deployment and equipment protection.
  • Quick setup in as little as 26-minutes.
  • Systems can also use DC from military or emergency vehicles as input and optionally AC from any AC source.
  • These Solar Power Shelters offer up to 1440 watts of solar power for each 10' x 20' shelter section. This solar covering also serves to further insulate the shelter, thereby reducing power required for heating/cooling.